Skip Lock: A better way to park your ride

Shared electric scooters are convenient and fun. What’s not convenient and fun is when they block the sidewalk or fall over into the street. Today we’re excited to announce a solution: Skip’s retractable lock-to technology, the first fully integrated locking system for scooters.

World’s First Retractable Lock-to Cable for Scooters

How it works

Our goal is to empower cities to easily offer dockless shared mobility without having to compromise the safety of the sidewalk and curb. Lock-to technology allows dockless light electric vehicles, such as scooters and ebikes, to be secured to a bike rack or similar fixed object when they’re not in use. Skip uses a flexible cable lock that stays in the handlebar stem when not being used. When a rider arrives at their destination, they pull the retractable cable out, loop it around a bike rack, and click it into the latch on the handlebar, automatically ending the ride without further interaction with the mobile app. When the next rider uses the Skip mobile app to check out a vehicle, the cable automatically unlocks and can retract into the handlebar stem, letting them ride away easily.

Our system is effective by being simple to use, compatible with bike racks, and dependable. We selected the cable length after extensive user testing on more than a dozen existing bike rack designs across San Francisco. The lock is bi-directional, so no matter which way the scooter is facing, the lock can still be engaged. Finally, the lock is tough thanks to corrosion resistant metals and water resistant mechanisms integrated into the chassis of the scooter.

Why it’s awesome

Lock-to technology provides benefits to riders, pedestrians, and cities. Riders know they can find a Skip quickly and easily at a nearby bike rack instead of searching all over the block. Pedestrian right-of-ways like sidewalks, ramps, and walkways are kept clear and free of obstruction, especially important for those who depend on that critical infrastructure for their daily lives. Tipped-over scooters in the middle of a sidewalk are a nuisance for all, and we are excited to make this a relic of the past. Even cyclists will benefit as lock-to creates new investment in more bike racks and bike parking (along with more protected bike lanes, which we’re proud to support).

Skip’s lock-to technology is a great example of how the right shared mobility technology can be designed thoughtfully, not just thrown together. When combined with our exclusive tip-over detection technology, we can keep Skips parked safely and conveniently for riders and non-riders alike. This shows how when we listen to the community and work together, we can build a faster, more affordable, and more fun last-mile transportation system. We can’t wait to roll this out to our entire fleet and bring it to your neighborhood.




Better neighborhood transportation

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Better neighborhood transportation

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